When you have enough, give.

The holidays are a time of joy for most children.  They open their presents with wide-eyed excitement…ready to play with what they have been given.  This, however, does not happen for all kids.  Some come from families without the means to get them gifts, often times children in homeless shelters feel the worst of it.

Gianni Graham was one of those excited children.  She played with her toys until something struck her.  She thought of the little girls in those homeless shelters and wanted to do something.  So she took two of the Barbie’s she got for Christmas and decided to start a campaign.  A campaign to donate 1,000 Barbie Dolls to girls in shelters.

“I feel like girls in shelters should have the same as girls not in shelters, Gianni told WTKR.  Her mother told the Huffington Post, “Gianni explained to me that the Barbie can be a friend to the young girls when they feel that they have no one to talk to.”

All over the country people have pulled together to send Gianni Barbie’s to help her fulfill her wish.  Gianni has already collected 600 brand new dolls.  When she reaches her goal of 1,000 she will distribute them, along with a personal letter, to girls in shelters and Foster homes.

Inspiration comes in all forms.  Gianni Graham found it and channeled it into something great.  Something so simple as a doll can change a life.  In this case it will change a thousand.  May we all be so inspired and be able to channel our energy into something good.

If you are interested in donating, visit her website: http://www.1kbarbiesfor1kgirls.com/


Original Article:

Landess Kearns, Huffington Post


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