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Ohio Cop Does a Good Deed

We live in a time where it is not uncommon to hear of Police Brutality.  It is being reported more and more often.  But what we don’t hear about as often are the times these men and women are who we have always believed them to be.  Upstanding models we can look up to, our protectors and our heroes.  This is one of those stories.

Sheriff Brian Bussell of Butler County, Ohio was in the Sheriff’s department and saw a woman with her two children.  She had spent the night in the lobby, sleeping.  He spoke with her and she told him they had been evicted from their home, the shelters were full and they didn’t have anywhere to sleep until her Housing Assistance kicked in.

It was then Sheriff Bussell did something that makes him a hero to me.  He spent money, out of his own pocket, and put Tierra Gray and her two boys up in a hotel for 10 days.  His generosity didn’t stop there, he bought them clothing, shoes and food.

“He told me that he was going to help and that we were going to get everything we need taken care of, and I just cried,” Gray told the news outlet. “I was like, ‘Thank God, you are the angel I have been praying for all night.’” 

Gray’s husband has been working in Cincinnati trying to make enough money to provide a more stable life for his family.  But it is people like Sheriff Bussell that help to catch people that stumble and make them feel safe.  He is not only an admirable Officer, but he is an upstanding human being.

Original Post: Cameron Keady, Huffington Post

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