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A Small Plea Turns to Big Help

While catching up on my daily dose of social media, I came across a story that moved me.  It starts with David Perez…A man living in Fremont, CA, watching his neighbor, Richard Dubiel trying to fix his roof.  Not necessarily a strange sight, but Richard is 75 years old.  It had been months and David began to wonder if there some way he could help.  He had no roofing experience, so he took to the internet and created a post asking for volunteers to come over and help Richard with his roof.  David said he was never expected to have a great response to the post, but in the end 15 volunteers signed up to help and many more donated food and drinks for the workers.  They finished the work in about 4.5 hours.

Richard was extremely moved and couldn’t thank everyone enough.  He said, “You see so much negativity and out here, this was positive, real positive, with no thought of return or reward, other than that of helping somebody.”

It is that moment right there that touched me.  These people bound together, not to be on TV, or to win a prize or for any other reason than to reach out and be a part of the community.  They showed the best of humanity.  They made someone feel loved and supported.

This may just be a footnote story in the “feel good” section of the paper, but to me it represented something more.  We have so much technology at our disposal and see people take advantage of it.  But out there, amidst the ads and funny videos and click-bait, lies real people wanting to help.  We may need to sift some of the rubbish to find it, but it is there.  These 15 plus people found it and a man’s life is changed.  It fills me with hope.  Maybe we are not as lost and disconnected as we think…maybe, just maybe, we are able to be everything we wished we could be.

Original Story: Kimberly Yam, Huffington Post

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