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A Small Moment with Big Impact

Our story today is a simple one.  Nothing extravagant or life-changing.  It is just a story of kindness and a moment shared between two people.  Neither of their lives changed, necessarily, but it shows humanity at its finest.  And that is a story worth telling.

It was lunchtime at the Cinco de Mayo Restaurant in Douglasville, Georgia.  Alex Ruiz, a 22 year-old server, was going about his day when a customer came in and sat down to order.  This was not particularly out of the ordinary, except that the customer had no hands.  When Alex brought his food to him, he asked for help.  Alex, not thinking of anything but doing what was right, sat down and began to feed him.  They ate and talked for the better part of 30 minutes.  When the customer was finished he paid and left.  Alex went about his day.

This was a small moment, but what the other customers in the restaurant felt was not small at all.  This was what we believed we would all do; help a person in need.  Alex was praised by people, but he shrugged it off saying, “I didn’t mean to cause a lot of attention, I just wanted to help.”

Reginald Widener, a regular of the restaurant, took a picture and posted it online.  The reaction, as you can imagine, has been great!  There is a visceral response we have to this.  Someone stopped and helped another, not for glory or money, but because he was a decent human being making someone happy.

These are the stories that don’t get enough attention.  It should be treated as special because it is.  One day this will be normal, we will live in a world where this happens all the time.  But until then, we must share this emotion we feel and send it out.  Let people know that anyone is capable of making someone’s day a little bit better.  We can all be Alex in our way…we just need to look around.  There are moments like this to be had everywhere.

Original Article: Lee Moran, Huffington Post

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