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NBA Star Helps Those in Need

Disease in Africa is a real problem.  Most don’t have the means or access to protect themselves.  Some of the most affected are children.  In the Republic of Congo, diseases transmitted by bare feet are sky-high amongst children.  One NBA star has partnered with Kick’n It for a Cause, part of lifestyle brand Kick’n It, to help this issue.

Steph Curry and Kick’n It for a Cause Founder Chris “COSeezy” Strachan teamed up for a drive at Liberty University.  During the event, they gathered over 20,000 sneakers for the youth of Congo.  The event was the brainchild of Emmanuel Ntibonera, a refugee from the Republic of Congo.  He saw the poverty and disease firsthand and wanted to do something about it.  He planed for two years to create this event, eventually with the help of Curry and Strachan.

“Coming here today, that it’s getting a lot of attention, there’s a lot of people that want to be involved, it’s blowing my mind, I’m surprised,” said Ntibonera.  “A lot of these kids actually, they have never put on a pair of shoes since they were born. The first time I had a pair of shoes, I was 10 years old.”

The shoes will be sent to Gleaning for the World, a non-profit, to be prepared to be shipped.  Ntibonera intends to hand deliver the shoes.

In my life, I find that it is too easy to take things for granted.  When I heard about this story, I thought about my shoe dresser and I said, oh dear, I have a shoe dresser.  There are children contracting life threatening diseases, which can be prevented, in part, by something as simple as a shoe.  And here I was with a dresser full of them…some I hadn’t worn in years.

This was a bit of a wake up call for me to go through my closet and dressers and see what I really need.  And what could possibly help save a life.

I have to empower myself more to go out there and learn what I can…to be a part of the conversation.  That way I can sacrifice a little, to help a lot.  I, for one, will be pulling out the things I don’t need and finding wonderful organizations like Kick’n It for a Cause and send them their way.  I may not be able to start a drive like this from scratch, but I am able to be a pat of a great movement and do something with what I have.

I encourage everyone to try it.  Just look and see.  You may not have anything to spare now, but you may.  And if you do, consider sharing it with those that need it the most.

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