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Martin Luther King Day

Today is Martin Luther King Day.  It is a day for reflection not just on a great man, but what he stood for and what he believed in.  He spoke, at a time when discourse and inequality ran rampant, about peaceful protest and equal rights for all.  His words ring true today, when so many of our brothers and sisters are persecuted globally and right here at home.  We mustn’t forget that the fight is not over.  We must continue to stand for what is right and to enact change by being involved.

There are many people whom have taken up that call.  However, we cannot rely solely on others to help change the world.  We must get our hands dirty, support, donate, volunteer, converse, whatever we can to be a part of that change.  We may not all be able to as much as others, but there is always a way.  Reading blogs like this is part of that journey…and we will do what we can to let you know how you can help.  But today, let’s reflect and be inspired.  Tomorrow starts a new world, if we choose to create one.  So let’s do it…together!

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